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Vision and values

We believe that Personal and Household Services play a key economic and social role, and that their development should be considered a priority at national and European level. EFSI’s members agreed on fundamental common values and principles that must drive the industry’s development.

  • PHS must be accessible, available and affordable. Too many citizens struggle to access PHS even though their well-being, health and labour-market participation heavily rely on it. Instead, every citizen must be granted access to services which meet each individual’s personal and care needs and preferences. It requires an investment from Member States, more specifically through adequate social and fiscal benefits. EFSI’s members are determined to advocate for and defend effective regulations ensuring easy and affordable access to PHS for everyone.
  • Undeclared work must be tackled. The high share of undeclared work is an issue of great concern for the industry which needs comprehensive and coordinated answers from policymakers at national and European levels. EFSI members commit to implement any existing relevant and lawful means towards the reduction of undeclared and grey work. In no way, they shall favour its development.
  • Fair working conditions must be ensured. A large share of PHS workers are still not granted the same rights and protection as any other workers. Improving their working conditions is a prerequisite for the development of the industry. EFSI’s members shall comply with all relevant labour legislation, statutory requirements and official guidance targeting the PHS industry. They shall act diligently in assessing risks in order to promote the health and safety of workers in their workplace. EFSI considers social dialogue, freedom of association and collective bargaining to be appropriate means to organise the PHS industry at national level, when relevant and appropriate. In no way, EFSI’s members shall deny their employees the rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • PHS must be of high-quality and user centred. Quality assessment procedures must be promoted (e.g. common standards or self-assessment procedures for providers) as well as PHS workers’ qualifications. EFSI members shall favour the emergence of standards and shall ensure that their staffs are adequately trained and skilled to undertake their duties and ensure high quality services.
  • Fair competition among PHS providers must be guaranteed. Key features of the PHS industry are supply diversity and the coexistence of various providers (private for profit, private not-for-profit, public, workers directly employed by households, self-employed, etc.). A regulatory and tax neutrality with respect to all providers must be guaranteed by national and European laws. It goes hand in hand with the principles of users’ freedom of choice and market transparency. EFSI’s members commit to assure mutual relations based on fair competition.