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Together, we work towards the full recognition and development of the PHS industry, for the benefit of all workers, users and the European society alike. EFSI leads the way in promoting better standards and practices related to employment policies, quality assessment and sustainable financing. It acts as an expert on current European and national legislations framing the PHS sector and its development trends. EFSI’s main activities include advocacy, networking alliance and knowledge building.

  • Advocacy: in order to foster positive change in PHS-related employment, social and fiscal policies across Europe, EFSI matches the sector’s needs with the appropriate policy mechanisms at EU level. Our members are regularly updated on EU policy developments and they are called to express their views in the drafting of briefings and position papers which highlights EFSI’s positions and views. We give voice to our members at European level, by liaising directly with EU policy makers in the European Parliament, Commission and Council, and with other EU advisory bodies like the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Committee of the Regions.
  • Networking: EFSI strongly supports cooperation with trade unions, academia, think tanks and NGOs. Accordingly, EFSI is an active member of various formal and informal alliances relevant to the PHS industry. Our members are invited to actively contribute to the work and reflections undertaken within these alliances (statements, awareness-raising campaigns, research, seminars, etc.).
  • Knowledge building: with the aim of driving innovation by facilitating transnational exchanges and fostering mutual learning on effective PHS policies and practices, EFSI’s members are provided with opportunities to reflect on the role and evolution of PHS. Together we develop resources and knowledge and take part in European projects which investigate areas relevant to PHS’ development.