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Results of the 8th European Conference on PHS

The new edition of the European Conference on PHS was held in January in Brussels. A document summarizing its main take aways is now available. Read more...


EFSI welcomes DOMINA as a new member

In February 2018 DOMINA, the Italian Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Datori di Lavoro domestico joined EFSI as a new associate member.Read more...


New report on innovation in PHS

EFSI published the results of a survey exploring the importance of innovation in past and future developments of the PHS sector.Read more...


New Project on the future of Personal and Household Services!

The project’s consortium kicked-off the project on 9th-10th of January with a meeting in Brussels.Read more...


Register to the 8th European Conference on PHS

The subject of this year’s conference will be the innovation in the PHS sector, including in its business models, working conditions, statistical issues and what policies can support best innovation in the sector. Read more...


A supportive VAT framework for the PHS sector

EFSI contribution to the discussions on the amendment of directive 2006/112/EC as regards VAT ratesRead more...


360° review of service vouchers

In July 2018, IDEA Consult published a new report on the Belgian service vouchers system.Read more...

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