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EFSI's Memorandum - 10 proposals for high quality, accessible and affordable PHS

In view of the 2019 European elections, EFSI issued a set of recommendations on PHS addressed to designated EU Commissioners and newly elected MEPs. Read more...


EFSI welcomes Group Daenens as a new member

In June 2019 the Belgian Group Daenens joined EFSI as a new Corporate member. Read more...


Ad-PHS project's seminar on Belgium

On May 6, ESFI hosted a seminar exploring the features, priorities and challenges related to the PHS sector in Belgium, in the framework of the Ad-PHS project. Read more...


Results of the 8th European Conference on PHS

The new edition of the European Conference on PHS was held in January in Brussels. A document summarizing its main take aways is now available. Read more...


EFSI welcomes DOMINA as a new member

In February 2018 DOMINA, the Italian Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Datori di Lavoro domestico joined EFSI as a new associate member.Read more...


New report on innovation in PHS

EFSI published the results of a survey exploring the importance of innovation in past and future developments of the PHS sector.Read more...


New Project on the future of Personal and Household Services!

The project’s consortium kicked-off the project on 9th-10th of January with a meeting in Brussels.Read more...

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