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EFSI's contribution on the European Pillar of Social Rights

In its reply to the public consultation, EFSI invites the European Commission to take into account the numerous benefits of the PHS sector while designing the future Pillar.

In December 2016, EFSI contributed to the public consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights opened by Commission's DG EMPL. In its contribution, EFSI underlines the current challenges faced by European labour markets and welfare systems in terms of population ageing, changes in family structures and increased participation of women to the labour market. If adequately addressed by decision makers through a comprehensive public support, these trends could lead to the development of new, more efficient, person-centred and of quality PHS.

Generally speaking, EFSI considers that the future Pillar should not be limited to a declaration of principles. It calls – inter alia – for the creation of reference benchmarks and permanent platforms of exchanges as effective tools supporting policy reforms while respecting the subsidiarity principle. EFSI stresses that the Pillar should not duplicate processes already in place and that adequate funding of its actions should be guaranteed.

In addition, EFSI recommends to add to the twenty policy domains identified in the preliminary outline “job creation” and “undeclared work” in order to ensure a comprehensive approach. Finally, it underlines missing aspects of proposed EU actions in domains such as work-life balance and long-term care.

For more information, see EFSI’s response to the consultation