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Migrant domestic and care workers

On the 17th of October 2017, the Platform for International Cooperation on undocumented migrants (PICUM) held in the European Parliament a roundtable on the migrant domestic and care work.

Recognizing that figures from across Europe show the prevalence of migrants, largely women, in the sector and their particular vulnerability to exploitation, PICUM wants to open a discussion at EU level on problems and solutions to ensure better conditions for all workers.

Actions is all the more pressing because the current and increasing demand for domestic and care work will create an estimated 2.8 million job for personal care workers by 2025 and the risk is high that those needs are met through the exploitation of migrant workers.

The event gathered policy makers, representatives of employers, trade unions and other civil society experts. Among the policy recommendations discussed, as necessary to achieve both decent work for workers, and quality and affordable services for individuals and families, one can mention:

- Build upon an evidence-based approach of the issue from a labour market perspective and work towards the recognition of the value of care and domestic work.

- Implement legislation that allow people to come to Europe to work to provide PHS as well as mechanisms for those currently working in the sector to regularize their status. 

- Invest in the domestic and care work sector to grant access to these services at an affordable price for users, while meeting the real costs of the services.

- Ensure that all labour standards apply to the domestic and care sector (incl. health and safety, social protection, right to non-discrimination and equal treatment), regardless of the migration/residence or employment status of the worker.