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The PHS sector, a key solution for families' work-life balance in Europe.

For the International Family Day, EFSI gives a statistical overview on the importance of the PHS sector, especially for women.

On the occasion of the International Family Day, the European Federation for Services to Individuals (EFSI) highlights the contribution of the personal and household services (PHS) towards families’ well-being and women’s social inclusion. Thanks to PHS, the EU citizens can save time to do other activities and benefit from a better work-life balance by outsourcing certain household tasks. Therefore, they no longer have to choose between their work and their family, not to favor one sphere at the expense of the other one.

The recent PHS Industry Monitor highlights the weight of self-produced PHS activities within a household, especially amongst women. It shows how important is the PHS sector for women’s contribution to the labour market, either by providing them a job or by enabling them to better conciliate their private and working lives.


To learn more about the PHS sector’s contribution to women’s lives, please read our infographic.