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New PHS Industry Monitor statistical report

EFSI publishes today the PHS Industry Monitor presenting new statistical estimates on the size and characteristics of employment in the PHS sector.

The PHS Industry Monitor report produced by Aurélie Decker & Jean-François Lebrun with the contribution of EFSI’s members as well, aims at calling towards EU institutions and statistical bodies to improve EU statistics on employment in the personal and household services sector.

Thus, this report tackles four different important topics related to PHS and it notably reveals that:


  • The PHS sector represents 8 million jobs throughout Europe, and thereby 4% of EU employment ;
  • 7,5% of active women in the EU work in the PHS sector ;
  • The employment distribution in the PHS sector is mostly binary : the direct employment which is characterized by a classic employer-employee relationship, and the intermediated employment, whereby the worker is employed by an organization and which represents 70% of PHS jobs ;
  • The undeclared work in the PHS sector still represents 70% of the market in the absence of public support.

This report aims to be regularly updated and expanded in order to follow more closely the evolution trends of this ever growing sector. This is why EFSI calls towards EU institutions and National Statistical bodies to launch a thorough work in order to improve European statistics on the PHS sector. 

Please download the PHS Industry Monitor here.