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Latest news on the Ad-PHS project

While the Covid-19 crisis forced the project to reorganise some of its activities, new reports have been published and new research activities are about to be launched.

The COVID-19 pandemic represents a major and unprecedented challenge with unexpected social and economic consequences. To adapt to these new and challenging times, the Ad-PHS project has reorganised some of its activities. To this end, the project will be extended until December and the final event will take place in Brussels in December.

The workshops are rescheduled and are expected to take place in the coming months. Most of them will be organised online.

The partners of the Ad-PHS project have also started to work on a survey that aims to measure the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the personal and household services sector.

The current situation has pushed many sectors and workers to continue their activity at home and online. But for many other workers, staying home has meant losing their jobs. For this reason, we believe the Ad-PHS project’s activities, including its website, is more important than ever. On the website, you will find the interactive country profiles map that has recently been updated. You will then find valuable and resourceful information on countries with less and more advanced PHS policies. A detailed news on the last Slovenian workshop is also available for you to read, among others.

We will keep you updated with more details on the progress of the project. Make sure to regularly check to receive the latest information.

Stay safe and strong!

The Ad-PHS partners.



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