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EFSI study tour in Italy

On October 22-23, EFSI organized its annual study tour in Rome, in cooperation with its Italian member Domina.

The study tour gathered stakeholders from the Italian PHS sector to discuss challenges and opportunities for the development of care and domestic services in Italy. Several EFSI members joined the event and actively participated in the discussions. In the opening panel, academics provided a comprehensive overview of the Italian PHS sector. The following panel focused on both public and private voucher-inspired measures, namely the Family Booklet (Libretto Famiglia) and company welfare voucher.

On Wednesday 23, several roundtables gave voice to public and private stakeholders operating in the sector: national authorities playing a broad governance function on employment and social policies, regional authorities competent for active care and work-life balance policies and PHS distribution, cooperatives that embody an alternative intermediary mode for PHS provision. In the afternoon, a roundtable discussion of social partners focused on the National Collective Agreement on Domestic Work (CCNL) and related regulatory instruments such as Cassacolf, an integrative insurance fund, and Ebincolf, a bilateral body offering training programmes with the aim to launch a standardised certification at national level. In this context, social partners broadly agree on a common call to the Italian government on fiscal incentives, namely tax reductions, on PHS services.