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EFSI's Memorandum - 10 proposals for high quality, accessible and affordable PHS

In view of the 2019 European elections, EFSI issued a set of recommendations on PHS addressed to designated EU Commissioners and newly elected MEPs.

This position paper, entitled “10 Proposals for High Quality, Accessible and Affordable PHS”, offers an overview of the PHS sector across Europe and urges further action towards its full development and recognition.

Firstly, EFSI stresses the major social role played by PHS in the light of current socio-demographic trends, namely population ageing and increased women participation in the labour market. If well regulated, the PHS sector could meet the increasing demand for care and household related services, while creating new jobs and fostering economic growth and competitiveness. Nonetheless, EFSI deplores that the sector is still insufficiently recognised and supported by public authorities. Accordingly, the position paper outlines the main challenges faced by PHS employers, workers and users as for the provision and access to formal, high-quality, affordable PHS.

Against this background, the document calls for further action and stronger public support on PHS development, with a focus on decent working conditions, access to affordable and quality services, suitable legal and financial frameworks. EFSI’s ten recommendations should therefore be considered as a compass to steer action and build knowledge on PHS.