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PHS contribution to falls prevention

On January 27, 2022, The French Presidency of the Council of the EU held an online Ministerial Conference on “Enhancing Cooperation to Prevent Loss of Autonomy Caused by Falls”. On this occasion, EFSI highlighted PHS key role in adapting care and support to the elderly.

During the conference, the various panels of experts, scientists and healthcare professionals from the EU examined the causes and consequences of falls in older age, as well as solutions to address this widespread problem affecting older people’s physical, social and mental conditions. On this basis, the ministers discussed the means and levers actionate to better prevent the loss of independence, in particular:

  • sharing best practices and initiatives to support the autonomy and well-being of elderly persons,
  • proposed initiatives to prevent balance problems and falls, such as: screening and identifying risk factors in individuals; promoting healthy lifestyles and active ageing; adapting homes and care to help with maintaining independence; and developing technologies for home assistance.

In her intervention, EFSI’s Director, Aurélie Decker, stressed PHS’ key contribution to ageing. She highlighted thanks to two concrete examples (namely Amelis and Silver Alliance) how PHS are tailor-made based on recipients’ needs and how can PHS providers ease access to complementary services (e.g. physiotherapist, occupational therapist, meal delivery services, medical equipment rental, tele-assistance services, screening tests, etc.).Finally, Aurélie Decker recommended applying the following principles:

  • make the loss of autonomy prevention – including falls prevention – a societal objective,
  • put an end to the silos approaches to homecare and support,
  • adopt a comprehensive strategy based on quality, accessibility, affordability, and users’ free and informed choice.

Aurélie Decker's presentation is available here.