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New publication: Memorandum to the new EU leaders

On September 30th, EFSI published a memorandum entitled “10 Recommendations to the new EU leaders for the next five years” directly addressed to the newly-elected members of European Parliament and designated Commissioners.

The memorandum firstly reminds European policy-makers of the contributions of the PHS sector to our societies in terms of employment, social inclusion and work-life balance. But the final aim of this document is to encourage them to commit to support the development of the PHS sector across Europe. This is why EFSI gives ten concrete recommendations to be able to fully take advantage of the sector’s benefits.

Among the recommendations, EFSI stresses the need for a better access to childcare facilities, calls for the elaboration of a  comprehensive work-life balance strategy and encourages policy makers to address both undeclared work and the fiscal and regulatory framework.

You can download the Memorandum here.