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Call for abstracts

EFSI is looking for potential speakers for the 6th European Conference on Personal and Household Services. Interested? Here is what you need to know.

For the 6th edition of the European Conference on Personal and Household Services (next 7th November in Brussels), the debates will focus on the issue of work-life balance and discuss the contribution of personal and household services (PHS) to women participation to the labour market as well as to workers’ retention and satisfaction. In addition, the event will address the impacts of recession and austerity on the provision of PHS and on work-life balance measures.

In order to foster an insightful discussion and exchange of knowledge, we are launching a call for abstracts to anyone who might be interested in participating in the conference as a speaker and sharing their work or experience.

Those interested are asked to send a maximum one A4 page abstract of their project, policy or study by September 22nd 2014.

More details in the full version of the Call for abstracts.