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PHS sector well represented among the occupations with the highest hirings in 2012

The European Commission has published its European Vacancy and Recruitment Report which presents an in-depth analysis of current trends in the European labour market.

Published on the 23rd of June 2014, the second edition of the European Vacancy Recruitment Report reveals that low-skilled workers encounter increasing difficulties to find a job, face lower job stability and are out-competed by medium-skilled workers even in elementary occupations. In contrast, job opportunities are growing in some high-skilled professions. The report highlights the increase in temporary and part-time work during the crisis even though there are significant differences between Member States. 

In addition, the report identifies the top 25 occupations with most hirings in 2012 among which:

  • domestic, hotel and office cleaners and helpers with 2.4 million hirings (rank 2),
  • personal care workers in health services with 1.4 million new workers (rank 4) especially in Northern Europe,
  • child care workers and teachers’ aides with 825 000 hirings (rank 10) particularly in Finland, France and Latvia.

At present it is estimated that 7.5 million people work formally in the PHS sector throughout Europe and that 5.5 million additional job could be created.