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PHS contribution to ageing

On the 21st of April 2021, EFSI contributed to the European public consultation on the Green Paper on Ageing.

In its contribution to the public consultation, EFSI welcomes the European Commission’s initiative which is extremely timely as the deployment of a strong and long-lasting coordinated approach to ageing is needed. 

After recalling PHS significant contribution to enable older persons to pursue a good and dignified life in their own home, EFSI stresses that the sector is neither sufficiently recognised nor supported by public authorities. This often leads to a devaluation of PHS occupations, insufficient offer especially in remote areas and the recourse of undeclared work, which negatively impact both PHS workers and the quality of care PHS users benefit from.

EFSI makes several recommendations to the European Commission towards the deployment of European care strategy and it notably calls for:

  • the adoption of a comprehensive approach to long-term care, giving priority to home and community-based services and based on the following key principles: quality, accessibility, and affordability. Actions towards improving quality of care must include the recognition of care work and improved working conditions in all care services,
  • the recognition of the important contribution played by the PHS sector in addressing the challenges raised by ageing society and committment to engage with all PHS stakeholders in any future initiative related to care services,
  • the adoption of compulsory access target for long-term care services,
  • a revaluation of care occupations reflecting their important social contribution and reinforcing their attractiveness,
  • suitable social and fiscal frameworks regulating a comprehensive range of supporting measures on working conditions, professionalisation and PHS affordability (reducing both the price of PHS for users and the cost for providers),
  • investment in gender-proven infrastructures and services, including childcare services, care services for older and disabled persons as well as care and household services for family carers,
  • PHS stakeholders’ involvement in the development and deployment of digital tools of new technologies meant to ensure older persons ageing well at home. The emergence of solution packages that integrate and articulate service tools, combining technological performance and face to face intervention should be promoted.

EFSI's full contribution to the public consultation is available here.