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Call for contributions: 10th Anniversary of ILO Convention on domestic work

This call for contributions welcomes proposals from academics, workers, unions, worker cooperatives, employers, civil society, all level of governments, as well as other representatives on topics relevant to domestic workers’ rights and protection. Contributions may consider issues at the national, regional or local level.

In June 2021, the Domestic Workers Convention, 2011, No.189 of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) will celebrate its 10th Anniversary. The Convention represents a key step in recognising domestic workers as workers who are entitled to labour rights and protections equal to all other workers. Domestic workers have been among the least protected worldwide as labour laws in many countries either do not recognize them or expressly exclude them from critical protections. Furthermore, the pandemic has highlighted and drawn attention to the importance of their work, in particular regarding care, and the need to ensure that these workers have access to the most basic rights.

On the heels of the completion of the Ad-PHS project, a new alliance of organizations has been formed to work together and acknowledge this important milestone by organizing a multi-stakeholder conference on the ILO Domestic Workers Convention 189, ten years after its adoption. The event aims to draw attention and increase awareness about the importance of the convention with regard to ratification – but more importantly, implementation.

The event will bring together workers, employers, political leaders and academics from around the globe to share findings, expertise and experience about changes, promising practices and implementation of the C189. Through live presentations, we hope to share ideas and bring together thought leaders who will promote the improvement of domestic workers’ rights, protection and future prospects. 

Contributions can be in different formats and abstracts are also encouraged to crosscut many of the topic areas. We welcome submission in the following topic areas

  1. Organizing and improving social dialogue for domestic workers
  2. Improving and ensuring domestic worker rights, addressing the gaps in protection
  3. Reducing undeclared work in the domestic work sector
  4. Employer promising practices
  5. Initiatives specifically targeting migrant domestic workers
  6. Case studies that could be upscaled or replicated
  7. Implementation steps for C189 and ideas for enforcement
  8. Domestic work and gender equality

The full text of the call for contributions is available here.

Please send your contribution to no later than March 15 2021