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What about the PHS sector in the European Care Strategy?

The PHS Social Partners – namely EFFAT, EFFE, EFSI and UNI Europa – co-hosted an event at the European Parliament on September 29, 2022 with the support of MEP Sirpa Piëtikainen, on the opportunities for the PHS sector following the European Care Strategy. Lisez plus...


A missed opportunity for 9,5 million workers

On September 7, 2022, the European Commission released its European Care Strategy. Read EFSI's reaction to it. Lisez plus...


The European Care Strategy: what opportunities for PHS sectors?

Join us on the 29th of September in the European Parliament to discuss how the European Care Strategy address PHS ongoing challenges with European Commission representatives, MEPs and PHS Social partners.Lisez plus...


Home & Community Care Ireland rejoint l'EFSI

Le 28 juin 2022, l'Assemblée Générale de l'EFSI a appouvé l'admission de Home & Community Care Ireland (HCCI) comme nouveau membre observateur de la Fédération. Lisez plus...


Ouverture des inscriptions !

Les inscriptions au Domestic and Home Care European Forum ont ouvertes en juin 2022. Lisez plus...


PHS's support for Ukrainian refugees' integration

The European Federation for Services to Individuals and its members would like to emphasise their support and solidary with the Ukrainian people. The Personal and Household Services sector is prepared to welcome the Ukrainian refugees in the sector and support their integration in their host countries. Also, EFSI firmly believes that the Ukrainian people have the right to access affordable and high-quality care services as much as any other human being and should be guaranteed for their children’s education and care. Full statement available here. Lisez plus...


EFSI’s stand for the upcoming European Care Strategy

In light of the upcoming European Care Strategy – scheduled for the third quarter of 2022 - the EFSI published a new position paper. Basically, it outlines the numerous reasons why the PHS are a key sector to include into the forthcoming Strategy as well as it expresses recommendations for the European Commission. Lisez plus...

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