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What is EFSI

The European Federation for Services to Individuals (EFSI) was established in 2006 as the representative body for federations and companies that are involved in the development of personal services in Europe. 

The EFSI brings national federations and associations as well as private companies together. Through its members, the EFSI is present in 22 EU members states. As such, it gives voice to millions of providers and users of personal services.

The EFSI members offer services that improve the quality of daily life and enable people to better balance their professional and personal life. Members also take part in social benefits programs management and issuance of service vouchers. Those services include:

  • home services (housework, ironing, gardening, small repair work, etc.) as well as help on administrative tasks and services at home, delivery of food,
  • child care facilities including all kind of services: nursery, nanny, shared childcare, holiday centres, baby sitting, etc,
  • tutoring (school help, IT assistance etc.),
  • services to enable disabled, dependants and elderly people to continue to live in their own home,
  • services for employees.